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Information about the 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association ( S.A. Branch) Incorporated

This web-site is dedicated to providing information about 7RAR, with the primary focus on South Australia, which fortunately, is now the new home of the current battalion – 7RAR Mechanised. For a far more detailed and comprehensive view of 7RAR – from its inception up to present times – you are strongly urged to have a look at our national web-site at 7rar.asn.au

However, for South Australian-specific information – read on.


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Battalion Xmas Party

    Battalion Farewell & Xmas Party Thursday - 3rd December, 2015 - 2.00pm - 4.00pm Horseshoe Lines - Edinburgh Base If you don't attend any other function, make the effort and come out to the battalion lines to celebrate Xmas with the boys. There will be festivity and frolics, and a pig on a spit. Come and have fun with your mates and the 'new crew'. If coming, please advise me on 0410412724 well before so we can organise passes. Photo I.D. is compulsory.


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